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Rachel Kate, a finalist on Season 7 of HGTV's Design Star Series.


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My daughter is at that age where it's cool to hang with your friends and not your mom anymore. It is also a time where 10 years old girls seam to be obsessed with slime, fidget spinners, aliens, rainbows and pineapples. So last winter my husband promised my daughter he would build her a clubhouse this summer and her and I both knew what that meant....I would be building her a clubhouse this summer. Not to put him to shame, he actually did a lot of work on this, but this one kept me busy for over a week because I went a little over board on the interior. Instead of building a house from scratch we decided to just simply buy a kit. I figured when my daughter grows out of the idea of having a clubhouse we will use this as a shed for practicalities sake. You can find something similar to what we bought at Home Depot. I also decided to add a small deck off the front so the girls could hang out with the doors open on the front porch and for more seating for an extra $130 and approx. 3 hours it was well worth it. The only thing left to do is add some windows in the loft area for a little air flow.

Using a paint sprayer on this projects saved me tons of time!!! The Pineapple was painted buy hand, I had to touch it up after pulling the tape to clean it up a bit.

Getting down and dirty as per the norm - messiest painter in the world

Getting down and dirty as per the norm - messiest painter in the world

We found these great blow up bean bag chairs on-line and the girls love them.

Green shag carpet was actually a few rugs pieced together and stapled to the sub floor

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The girls making SLIME for breakfast - they all spent the night in the clubhouse. First Day of Summer Party!!!